Episode 17: Epidemic Part 1

There’s an epidemic going on in Massachusetts- and it doesn’t seem like it’s getting any better. In Massachusetts, there’s at least five people a day dieing from opioids  . We don’t often hear what its like to treat patients or how bad it really is. We sat down with Meghan, who is a registered nurse

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Episode 16: I F*cked Cancer

Tony was 21 when his life was flipped upside down. He went from working 60 hour weeks, to six hours or days of getting Chemo-Therapy. You will count your blessings after listening to this and I hope we can all take a little bit away from this conversation we had with Tony. 

EPISODE 15: A Trip to Self Discovery

https://ia801503.us.archive.org/35/items/Episode15ATripToSelfDiscovery/semi%20con%20dan%20finale.mp3 Philosophy, Psychology, Carl Jung, Tribal Rituals, Ju Sit Su, Meditation, these are just a few things Dan Barry likes to explore. Dan came to a cross road in life and took to the road to test himself, dealing with what most of us ignore. I really enjoyed talking to Dan and learning about his

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ICE DRAGON!! Wight Walkers 1 Team Humans 0. What the hell happened this week? Listen to Timmy and Jimmy breakdown the episode and try to figure out what is in store for the season finale. rchive.


Another week and another breakdown from the fellas, Timmy and Jimmy sit down to discuss this weeks GOT episode”Eastwatch”. We go over all of Timmys predictions that have come true and more predictions for next week. If you really want to know what’s going on listen to Timmy.